Based upon the Berkeley Marijuana Initiative's popularity, Tom Accinelli had the idea to run a "Win a Kilo" raffle, which this 1973 poster promoted.  Note the wording: "1st prize: 1 kilo of Take a Guess?"  The raffle took on a life of its own. 

A student at the "Win a Kilo" table on campus was arrested for running an illegal raffle.  He later won a seat on the student senate with a platform of "elect a criminal".  The $1 "donation" per ticket became voluntary to avoid future arrests.  There were rumors the police were obtaining raffle tickets, hoping to win and then bust the operation. 

The day before election, a massive crowd turned up for our campus get-out-the vote rally on the Sproul Steps,  which featured the "Win a Kilo" drawing.  The grand prize winner's name was prudently not announced, but the rumor was that a lucky dorm resident received the kilo.

Tom Accinelli later organized a marijuana Smoke-In at the City Council to try and pressure the Councilmembers into implementing the Berkeley Marijuana Initiative, which had passed.  That led to national news coverage and near riot conditions. 

The entire scenario was repeated in the April 1979 election, with another marijuana initiative and raffle.  It passed again.