A unique April 1977 mystery poster.  Close to election day, this poster turned up all over Berkeley.  Both sides tore it down, believing it came from the opposition.

The poster's text thanked center-right incumbents Sue Hone and Carole Davis for voting to allow McDonalds to open a restaurant in the center of downtown.  There had been widespread public opposition to McDonalds, which the Council majority, including Hone and Davis ignored..

Using Councilwoman Sue Hone's campaign colors, it appeared to some that McDonalds had produced the poster on behalf of the Hone and Davis campaigns.  That was not the case.

However, the Hone and Davis people saw the poster as a BCA plot to embarrass them by linking the Councilmembers to their unpopular pro-McDonalds vote.

I believe the poster was intended as a cynical anti-Hone and Davis prank by people connected with no organized campaign.  The poster combined art, politics, and satire so perfectly that both sides made certain it was seen for only a very short time. 

Hone and Davis were re-elected anyway in 1977 as part of the Berkeley Democratic Club (BDC) sweep.

The creative people who produced this poster have never been publicly identified.