BCA's 1979 Council slate consisted of John Denton for re-election, Veronika Fukson (who ran in 1977), Guy Jones (a U.C. student), and Florence McDonald (previously Auditor).

Loni Hancock was leaving to work in the Carter Administration after 8 years on the Council.  Her decision not to run for Mayor had led to the Newport-Denton contest.

On April 17, 1979, every BCA candidate on this poster won, except for Guy Jones.  Jones became the fifth U.C. student to lose on April Coalitin/BCA tickets in the 1970s.  Student precincts remained the heartland of BCA support. 

With Gus Newport as Mayor, BCA had elected four Councilmembers in 1979, after being swept two years earlier.
The pattern of winning, then losing in alternate elections, was asserting itself again. 

The 1979 comeback led to an unexpected result, because Councilmember Carole Davis had been voting against her former running mates.  With Davis as a fifth vote, Mayor Newport and BCA suddenly  had a progressive Council majority for the first time.

Anna Rabkin would serve several terms as auditor, an office BCA-endorsed candidates have now held since 1975.