The June 1982 button says "November BEATS April",  and truer words were never spoken by any work of Berkeley campaign art.

The massive April 1981 loss had hit BCA extremely hard.  The pattern of alternating victories and defeats every two years appeared to offer no realistic chance of a progressive City Council majority.  People did not know what to do.

Except for Marty Schiffenbauer, who saved the day and kept electoral hopes alive.

Marty personally drafted and collected nearly all the signatures for an Initiative Charter Amendment to move Berkeley's city election from April of odd-numbered years to November of even-numbered years, when it would be consolidated with the state general election.

This change to November would increase the turnout of students, tenants, Democrats, and low-income voters, giving BCA candidates a major advantage over ABC/BDC. 

While BCA supported Marty's initiative on the June 1982 ballot, and the conservatives opposed it, neither side appreciated the dramatic impact this election date change would have.  (There was not even a  campaign poster for Marty's measure; just the button.)

Following a mild campaign, Berkeley voters passed the initiative and April elections were history.  Berkeley's next municipal ballots would be cast on November 2, 1982.

Two years after that, a very different looking City Council would present a special commendation to Marty