In the first November election for City Council, BCA's 1982 slate consisted of Mayor Gus Newport, John Denton and Venoika Fukson for re-election, plus Wesley Hester and John Brauer.   All five needed to win for a ruling majority. 
Gus Newport's opponent was Councilmember Shirley Dean, giving up her seat to make the race.

Wesley Hester had become famous for resigning from the appointed Rent Board, because his pro-tenant votes so offended the conservative Councilmember that appointed him.  Now Wesley was seeking his own personal mandate, with the slogan "taking it to the streets".

John Brauer was the seventh U.C. student seeking election to the Council on an April Coalition or BCA ticket.   The previous six had all lost.

With the November 2, 1982 general election date producing the favorable turnout of tenants and Democrats that we expected, the BCA slate rolled up an impressive victory.

Gus Newport easily won re-election over Shirley Dean.  John Denton had the most votes of all candidates, finishing first in the City Council race.  He was followed by the rest of the BCA ticket, who nearly all won Council seats.  The exception was John Brauer, who finished a close fifth, but lost.

The conservative coalition had barely retained their City Council majority, emerging from the November 2, 1982 election with a 5-4 advantage.