Artist: Sandy Martin
Concept: David Mundstock
Enhanced Design: Mal Warwick and  Peter Babcock.

The "Vote Today" poster first appeared in 1972 and has been in continuous use for over 30 years as a Get Out the Vote tool.  The original colors on the left were a simple red on white.  The enhanced design, on the right, including white on red, is more striking, and came out a few years later. 

I wanted the south campus and other progressive areas saturated with these posters, so everyone would know it was election day.  There should be no invisible elections in Berkeley. 

The poster has always included information on polling place hours and finding one's polling place, since many people can't vote without a little help.   For many years, the Daily Cal had a map of Berkeley which showed everyone their polling place.  The first poster plugged that invaluable map, which has not run for ages due to lack of funding.

But this "Vote Today" poster continues into its 4th decade, still encouraging a higher turnout.  It appeared once more on election day November 7, 2006.