Berkeley Campaign Art
See the unique Berkeley campaign posters that tried to capture voters' attention, promote voter registration, and increase voter turnout in the progressive community from the 1970s to the 1990s plus the present.  And the posters play music of the period.  Here are updates to try and cover recent/current campaigns. 

This site is a companion to my political history - Click on: Berkeley in the 70s. Here, instead of only reading about what happened, you can also look and listen.

The campaigns expressed themselves through the posters you will see, and I dedicate this site to all the artists, printers, and people with staple guns who helped to make Berkeley campaigns so colorful.

David Mundstock (also known as the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer)
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The April 6, 1971 Campaign
The June 1972 Campaign.
The April 17, 1973 Campaign
(and read more about the politics, plus hear additional music)
To read about this political history in detail, click on Berkeley in the 70s.
  1978-1982 POSTERS

(Plus a political history update to the present.)
.Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes did a segment on Berkeley politics after the April Coalition's "apparent" April 6, 1971 victory.  Interviews were with Councilmembers Loni Hancock, D'Army Bailey, and Tom McLaren.  If you want to own this unique time capsule, warts and all, broadcast on November 2, 1971, it's available from the CBS News Archives on DVD, at the cost of  $32.57 for ordinary mail, payable in advance by check, and only for personal use.  If interested, please go to the bottom of the "Berkeley In the 70s" Index Page at: